Creativity encompasses a variety of ideas that can be expressed in several different formats. Various formats such as text, visual arts, video, animation, audio, and 3D design are used to express creative thinking tangibly and engage the audience. The text format offers the chance to put thoughts into words with word games, stories, or informative content. Visual formats aim to impress the audience with designs and images that can be understood at a glance. Video and animation enable an emotional connection with moving images and dynamically tell the story. The audio format delivers a sensory experience to the viewer through music, sound effects, or audio narration. 3D design presents works of art or products in a three-dimensional perspective, providing a realistic and impressive visual.

The limitless world of creativity is enriched by the ability to express ideas in various formats. Each format is chosen to suit a particular style of storytelling or expression and is used to convey creative thought more broadly and deeply. Diversity of formats allows a project or campaign to reach its target audience more effectively. Text aims to be clear and concise in conveying information, while visual formats aim to create understandable and catchy designs at a glance. Video and animation allow the viewer to establish an emotional connection, while the audio format creates an atmosphere unique to the project. 3D design, on the other hand, offers an interactive experience that is closer to the real world. Formats are an important tool in the process of realizing projects in a wide and colorful palette of creativity.

01 | TEXT

The most basic and most effective way to communicate is through text. Most of the things we see on the Internet are made up of text. In many areas of marketing, texts meet the masses as headlines, slogans, or keywords. Sometimes texts used for information purposes can be used in storytelling. Sometimes it is used to reinforce existing knowledge.

The texts can be used as plain text in the form of blog content, or they can be designed visually as a graphic element. It can be transformed into a shape by the concept and expressed with color. Logos are names. Slogans are textual expressions that will strengthen brands. Texts are the most basic way to convey brand messages.

Product descriptions can be made using texts. Product descriptions on the website or social media channels allow customers to be informed about the brand. The vision and mission of the company, its goals, and future projections are explained. Impressive and persuasive language is used in marketing and advertising texts. Technical information about the services of the companies is prepared in written format.

02 | IMAGE

Images are the most effective way to tell a story. A correctly chosen visual is the tool that conveys the desired emotion to the other party in the fastest way. Today’s marketing requires very fast communication. Websites have turned into places visited in seconds. Images are what make the message or advertisement interesting. Images used in social media, blogs, and display advertising increase conversion rates.

Images, which can be preferred in the form of photographs, graphics, or drawings, are frequently used in marketing. Preparing images requires a certain amount of time and effort. Production support is required for more comprehensive studies. In addition, an archive consisting of images of the product or service should be made. The visual types to be selected by the marketing strategy should meet the needs of the target audience. Image types can be brand images and graphics. It should be a reminder of the brand to the target audience. GIFs are frequently used on social media platforms today. Stock photos are the most commonly used type in marketing. Images used from paid or free sites are often preferred. The interaction rate of the images produced by the users is quite high.

Engaging visuals allow customers to spend more time on the website or social media channel. Images increase the rate of sharing and interaction. Display advertising models are one of the most frequently used types of performance marketing today. An effective advertising image can achieve sales targets.

03 | VIDEO

It is very common today to describe a brand, product, or service using video techniques. Using all the features of communication in a fast and impressive way is possible with video. Video marketing is highly developed by incorporating strategy and planning in it. Video consumption on social media is increasing day by day. The interest level of the video is quite high. It increases the time customers spend with the brand.

Video can be considered an investment tool. A compelling video can influence buying behavior. It can increase conversion rates in display advertising. Video is used in every step of marketing strategies. Search engines show video content in rankings. Video content is one of the most preferred content types today. Video is the most effective way to educate and inform customers. This is also to build a sense of trust in customers. A trusted customer engages in purchasing behavior.

The trend of live video on social media is increasing day by day. Events or launches of brands are shared with their target audiences via live videos. In terms of SEO, it is more possible for the pages to rank higher with video content. How-to videos are the type of video that customers often follow. Product demos are a type of content that customers refer to before purchasing a product.

04 | AUDIO

Listened digital media is expressed as sound. It listens live in online broadcasts. It can be shared and listened to in different audio formats offline. Audio is critical for videos. Music is included in the videos as background or voiceover. In addition, music produced for campaigns contains brand messages. Podcasts are widely used as a content type today. Online music platforms are increasing the number of users day by day.

User experience can be increased by using audio files on websites. A more effective presentation of information to the audience can be made in infographic videos. With the right background music, the theme and concept of the communication work are transferred to the target audience faster. As an alternative to microphones, the sound recording technologies of mobile devices are quite advanced. Audio interviews can be prepared for blog pages. Small in size and easy to share, audio files are very important in the marketing world with their impressive use.

Audio advertising is a format that today’s busy person can also consume while doing business. While listening to a podcast, you can be busy with another job at the same time. The Internet radio can be listened to while commuting or doing sports. The use of sound in marketing is important in drawing attention to the ad copy.


Animation has created brand-new opportunities in marketing. Animated visuals are the easiest way to convey brand messages. It makes it possible to present the message impressively by appealing to emotions. It can be consumed more easily than images and text. Animations stay in memory more than other formats. Animation can simplify complex matters. Thus, it is the most preferred method for describing services that are difficult to show. An abstract concept can be more easily explained.

Animation production is a field that requires as much time and effort as video production. However, it does not cover the costs of animation, filming, hiring actors, and setting up a studio. Desktop animated movies are cheaper to produce. Animations keep the brand image and style at the maximum level. The colors and font of the brand can be integrated throughout the animation film. Sales presentations consist of animations. Pages with specific topics are linked to each other with animations and presented to customers.

Explainer videos can be much more impressive with animations. The product and service are presented in the most descriptive format with animation. 2D animations are among the most commonly used genres today. The customer journey can be explained with character animations. Brands’ logos and symbols are animated with animation. In this way, the brand becomes more eye-catching and interesting. When animation is combined with the limitless world of creativity, it contains endless opportunities. A niche work for special occasions can become a trend by getting high shares.

06 | 3D

The conversion rates of 3D works in marketing are increasing. It is more memorable than 2D animations. Watch time is higher than other video types. Technical products can be mirrored exactly with 3D drawings or videos. 3D provides a more complete purchasing experience for customers. Virtual tours have influenced today’s online activities with their 360 experiences. International meetings take place online, where employees and customers meet in 3D environments. Immersive experiences can be created in 3D. 3D commerce sites are environments where customers can view products and services with computer or VR tools. There are purchasing options on websites with high infrastructure.

The inclusion of 3D models of products on websites allows customers to examine more detailed products. With the use of effects, products are made more impressive. Brand images created with a high degree of art create a reputation. This pulls the brand perception in the desired direction. Simulations prepared in 3D environments can be easily changed by the brand image. This protects customers from serious costs. With online personalization, customers can create the product model they want in seconds.

Games have always managed to attract the attention of consumers. Brands aim to provide a good experience to their customers by producing games with content. Gamification is the most entertaining marketing method where customers can learn brand messages while having a good time. Awards create opportunities for the brand to present its products as gifts. Games produced in 3D environments are environments that can attract the attention of the new generation.