Digital Marketing Master Plan (2024)

You can have a small business that you care about every detail separately. You can become a brand manager of a global company. You can be the owner of an agency that serves different brands. Or you can be an entrepreneur who wants to learn about brand and strategy, digital marketing, or creative production activities.

If you do not have a pre-prepared plan and strategy for marketing management and communication, you will lose sleep.

Do not be afraid.

With the “Digital Marketing Master Plan (2024)” prepared based on my experience and research, it can be determined who your brand is, what kind of research to start with, what the most appropriate positioning is, which channels to communicate through, or which metrics will be appropriate to measure your success.

Which digital marketing format is more suitable for you? What kind of communication activities are carried out with the budgets you have determined? What is the importance of art and creativity in the differentiation of your works?

For more detailed information about the topics in the management chart, you can follow the guides below: