Hello! My name is Mertcan Atik, and I have been working in the marketing industry for many years as an Art Director and Digital Marketer. I graduated from Istanbul University with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, and I pursued a master’s degree in Digital Marketing at Marmara University.

Throughout my career, I have been part of creative teams in advertising agencies, working on the marketing processes of global brands. I have also held positions in the marketing and corporate communications departments of corporate companies, directly contributing to their branding efforts. Additionally, I have worked as a freelancer, creating new brands from scratch and providing digital marketing strategies to increase sales.

I extensively utilize graphic and media software, website content management panels, Google, Meta, Twitter, and LinkedIn advertising accounts, as well as analytical programs. Recently, I have also incorporated the use of artificial intelligence tools to enhance my work.

I take pride in publishing annual Digital Marketing Master Plans, serving as a guide for brands on their digital marketing journeys. It brings me great joy to create valuable assets and contribute to the improvement of businesses.

Art directors working in the field of marketing and brand owners to develop their brand image and ideas can visit my Pinterest account for INSPIRATION If you like Breakbeat, UK Garage, or House music, you can listen to sets from parties where I am DJ aka NOUSIZER and you can also reach me on MRTCNATK

Thank you.